ARETA'S Vision

Enabling people to realize their full potential: Human flourishing

My ultimate goal with ARETA is accompanying you as you produce, in the truest sense of the words, the best vision of yourself now, in your team, organization or company. This is my belief in "human flourishing." Encouraging consciousness and empowering individuals on both personal and professional levels in order to benefit everyone.


Growing and Letting Grow

When you grow in character as a leader yourself, you allow other people to grow with you. Using Transformational Leadership, we will strengthen this reciprocity, providing you a 360 degree view that brings together all the many dimensions of your humanity, allowing your leadership to flourish.

ARETA - the Noble

The name ARETA is derived from the ancient Greek for "Noble" or "Virtuous". Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle described it as the sum of all human values ​​that serve not only our common good, but also the means of cultural prosperity and economic success.

ARETA - The Heart in the Head

My concern for the future is easily seen by ARETA’s logo: It shows a head turning to the right, towards the future. The words that form the head are the building blocks of my coaching, which also forms the whole human being. Amidst the head, the heart is visible. It stands for the fact that we can only successfully evolve when we combine Emotion and Reason.