ARETA Consulting

Growth in business by bringing values and strategy in line

Guiding people being a role model or developing an organization is a constant challenge for any leader. As a manager, an executive or a person in a leading position you are oftentimes on your own. An open exchange of needs and values is rarely possible. Rigid roles and thinking patterns make bringing values and strategy in line impossible.


ARETA can bridge this gap:
listen, reflect, learn to understand.
To change perspectives and to grow successfully through Transformational Leadership.

In a trusting face-to-face counseling process, I accompany you as you unlock your full potential as a leader. Be it your personal leadership, the leadership of a team, an organization or a company. Through my specific counseling approach, I support you while you unlock your individual talents and resources to help you manage the challenges of leadership. Use your talents to grow personally and professionally as a leader.

Sustainable values-based business practice leads to success

My aim is for us to transform your management and leadership principles together on an ethical basis. During my consulting process I open you to new ways of seeing, understanding and being. Together we can unlock the full potential that every person carries within himself.

Added-value for your career: "Ethic of virtue"

Like individual droplets of water, the elements of the "Ethic of virtue" - the sum of our highest human-cultural values – flow into your leadership practice. Old patterns are resolved and old habits abandoned. In their place we anchor a deep understanding of values ​​and thus give your identity as a leader a new meaning and a new foundation.

What our work means to you: Excellence in all you plan and do!

Just as your personality as a leader grows, so does your organization and its market success. Sustainable, long-term and in accordance with humanity and the environment.

Make an appointment so that we can design an individual consulting process tailored to your specific needs.