ARETA – New Perspectives for Leaders

Our economy and society are in a moment of profound change. As a leader, you recognize the pressure of global competition. But how can you lead the way to a more meaningful, credible and appreciative process but still remain efficient?

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Human Flourishing: Enhancing what characterizes you

My institute ARETA based in Frankfurt offers consultation processes and coaching programs for global leaders who are willing to rethink their Leadership concepts. I focus on the individual person, with her/its values, character and actions. Together we bring the heart and mind into harmony in order to develop your own ideal leadership potential:

Leader of Today:
Act to the highest ethical standards. Bring your actions and values in line to lead as a role model. Remember that values are the energetic drivers of your aspirations and intentions.

Leader of Tomorrow:
Unleash your talents and potential for leadership. Discover the benefits of a sustainable, values-oriented management culture for your future business practices.

Women as a Leader:
Strengthen your female leadership skills beyond mere Equality. As a woman you see many things differently than your male counterparts. Bring your vision and mindset and help shape the culture of female leadership. Remember that diversity is an added value for teamwork, an organisation or an enterprise.

Find your "personal & professional excellence"

"Business is a vocation, and a noble vocation, provided that those engaged in it see themselves challenged by e greater meaning in life" says Pope Francis. Discover with ARETA your calling and your "personal & professional excellence" as the leader of a Values-Based future. My aim is supporting executives and decision-makers to see business as a force for good.

ARETA - the Noble

The name ARETA is derived from the ancient Greek for "Noble" or "Virtuous". Even Socrates, Plato and Aristotle described it as the sum of all human values ​​that serve not only our common good, but also the means of cultural prosperity and economic success.

ARETA - The Heart in the Head

My concern for the future is easily seen by ARETA's logo: It shows a head turning to the right, towards the future. The words that form the head are the building blocks of my coaching, which also forms the whole human being. Amidst the head, the heart is visible. It stands for the fact that we can only successfully evolve when we combine Emotion and Reason.