ARETA'S Values

The Person in the Middle of Everything

Values ​​have a special quality for me. They are the foundation on which I build my consultations, trainings, methods and content. I base all my words and actions upon these “core values”.


I am convinced that each and every one of us should continue to maintain these values in order that more and more people will participate in a values-based culture.

My Core Values:

▪ The human person is in the center of everything.
▪ Doing good is more important than good doing.
▪ The future of leadership lies in the uniting of heart and mind - harmonizing discord between strategies and values.

Inner-rooted values:

▪ Be honest. Take action. Be in complete agreement with your values and your attitude
▪ Be authentic. Remove masks and stop playing roles.
▪ Believe in yourself. Believe in others.
▪ Respect yourself. Respect others. And take responsibility for everything you do.
▪ Use your emotional and social intelligence.
▪ Be reliable.

Outwardly directed values:

▪ Business and Professional Work are a vocation. Understand the connection between what you do and your service to people and society.
▪ Strive in everything you do based on our highest human and cultural values and the "Ethic of virtue" for excellence.
▪ Act in the public's interest, for the "common good"
▪ Communicate honestly and confidently.
▪ Remain constant in your credibility, reliability and humility.