Eleonora Bonacossa

Empathy, Enthusiasm and Courage

The paths of life extend nonlinearly. We can imagine them as circles connecting the steps of our lives. This full circle is the point at which we find our determination and our mission of life.

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What Shapes Me

My name is Eleonora Bonacossa and with ARETA new perspectives for leaders, I have been called to this new vocation with empathy, enthusiasm and courage.

With ARETA I am realizing the vocation of my life, to help form and educate new leaders in this era of global changes. My goal is to contribute actively in establishing a values-driven business culture. And I see myself in the role of a Leadership Educator, an Encourager and Supporter, who brings out and fully develops your talents. I strongly support the communicative practice of giving and receiving Feedback in any kind of organization.

ARETA forms the sum of my experiences as a publicist, a humanist, a business coach, a management consultant, a sparring partner and a woman. As an Italian living in Germany, I am aware of working on a cultural background -characterized by an innate sense of beauty, a deep sense of ethics and a strong sense of creativity- that allows me to see and consider the relationships in management free from rigid, traditional patterns.

My Expertise

       ▪ Four-year international and intercultural coaching experience

▪ Ten-year consulting experience for foundations and nonprofit organizations in Germany and Italy

▪ Seasoned publicist in Germany, Italy and Switzerland in the fields of Women studies, diversity, spirituality, business ethics and social ethics

       ▪ 1996/2001 Language and Literature Studies in German, English and French at the Università Bologna, Alma Mater Studiorum, and the Ruprecht-Karls University in Heidelberg

▪ 2003 Publication of the book " Der weibliche Sinn in der Welt: Iris von Roten. Neue Aspekte aus der Sicht der Geschlechterdifferenz", Ulrike Helmer Verlag, Königstein / Ts.

▪ 2009/10 Diploma in Catholic Social Teaching with summa cum laude at the Lateran Pontifical University in Rome

▪ 2007/08 Fundraising Management at AICCON Fundraising School, Bologna

▪ 2006/07 Master of Science in Social Management with summa cum laude at the SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan

       ▪ 2017 Training in Purpose-Oriented Short Coaching LOKC at the Asgodom Coach Academy in Munich
       ▪ 2019 Training in Systemic Business Coaching at LIW, Lohmarer Institut für Weiterbildung in Cologne
       ▪ 2020 Certification from DVCT Deutscher Verband für Coaching und Training e.V in Hamburg


My Involvements

Besides working for ARETA I am President of the Italienstiftung (Frankfurter Stiftung für deutsch-italienische Studien), moreover I am a founding member and past Vice-President of the Club Frankfurt Vision of Soroptimist International, the world's largest service organization of professional women.